Phytomicin?- an NGP against Gram+ Bacteria

Phytomicin?,a stable Hop extract premix,it is known to be the?most potent NGP gainst Gram+ Bacteria.

Phytomicin feed additive

  • Clear composition: Hop extracts(B-acid)
  • Measurable anti-clostridiu: Mic is 25ug/ml (6.25~50 ug/ml,measured by the weight of the premix)
  • Alternative the gram-positive bacterium completely,Non-Drug residues and non-drug tolerance (GRAS)
Phytomicin?, made of Hop extracts by special preparation technology,is the nature production performance enhancing,rich in B-acid and other nature compose anti the actively of the microbe in wide spectrum.
Phytomicin? outdistanced the common AGPs by its activity to anti clostridia,and it overcome the disadvantage of the common plant essential oil which is volatilizes & unstable.It with edible GRAS active ingredient,no drug tolerance,no drug remain,no drug holiday.It effective improving intestinal health and increasing the feed intake and promoting the animal production performance.